An Southern Appalachian Summer

I was just 5 days old the first time I was blessed by it… The first sliver of summer sun that rose up in the Tennessee sky. I’m almost certain that it was love at first sight, because every since that day when autumn returns, my heart whispers the sweetest of goodbyes. Today, I paid closer attention to the warmth of the sun on my skin, the greenest of green, the blooms of flowers and how deeply i’ll miss the smell of summertime showers… Then, I thought of my summer in the hills that I love so very much. I am excited and filled with the anticipation of watching the beauty unfold as the seasons change.. But, first… I want to reflect on the moments I was blessed with during another southern Appalachian summer.. And, to make it even more of a blessing – I get to share my reflections with you. 

Below, you’ll find just a sliver of the images that I had the honor to capture this summer. My hope is that, they will inspire you to not only go outside and play – but to seek simplicity, light and beauty in each and every day.

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“Reflection is found in stillness. Be still. Seek the light. Reflect, and find beauty in what is often overlooked.”


” They say that just before we die a reel of our memories will flash before our eyes… I don’t know if that’s true or not.. But, I do know that I plan on living a life focused on beauty and love… And, that I will do my best to capture, for my last film, moments that i’m convinced were sent from up above. Moment that I will also leave here as I depart this earth – with the wings of an ethereal dove… My spirit overflowering with peace, hope and love.”
“I wanna be your forever… Your by my side, riding shot gun.. Your reason to climb mountains and to chase the sun… Your favorite color – spreading across the Appalachian sky, your rain cloud when the days are hot and dry… Yeah, I can’t lie… I wanna be your secret spot, your once in a lifetime jackpot… Your muse and most treasured gem that you hope to never lose. Your ocean breeze and autumn trees. I wanna be yours, and you be mine… Every day – You’ll be my valentine… My poem that doesn’t rhyme, my Key West lime, my good-good time. My partner in love, my partner in crime… Don’t need a reason, or a season.. Just a little Blue Ridge sunshine.”
“Stay out of the forest!”, my mother would scream… “It is filled with all kinds of wild things. Wild things that will give you crazy, ridiculous dreams… It is not somewhere that you ever need to be.” But, what my mother failed to see… Was that I had to go there, because the wild and the dreams had forever been a part of me.”
“All that i’m mean for, I will flow to… Around obstacles, over humps and bumps, through the smallest of crevices and off the highest of cliffs… I will flow… I will grow… I will welcome each season filled with faith, not fear. I will travel with both purpose and passion – on journeys far and near. I will face the darkness, knowing that His light that shines within me, can never be eclipsed. Always – hope and love will flow from my lips. I will forever flow with the rhythm of the mountains… I will breathe deep with the breezes on the peaks. I will focus. I will anchor down with my roots… Yet, spread my wings with the butterflies.. And, when knocked down, I will always rise. I will soak up the earth and allow it to nuture me… Then, like the wildflowers in the spring – I will grow. Yes… Here, in these hills… I will forever flow.”


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Thank you so much for stopping in! Best wishes for a blessed and beautiful day! – Kristi

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