Home Is Where The Heart Is..


We live in a world where everyone is searching for something… Something to fill the void on the inside.. Something to make them feel peaceful, happy, loved, hopeful, inspired, energetic, happy, healthy and complete..

Or maybe even just something to simply make them feel..

But the thing is, too few have realized that what there searching for in this world.. Is our world.. It’s the beauty that surrounds us every day.. The beauty that too often we’re blinded to – because we’re focused on the negatives of this place that we call home..

Home.. Home is meant to be a place that is filled with hope, love, comfort and beauty.

But for a moment today, pause and look around you. Home isn’t the house that we live in. Home is in the hugs of our family, the laughter of our friends, the colors of the sunrise and the dew dripping off of the flowers. Home is in the memories of a childhood where we ran wild and free.

Home is here.

Home is in the mountains, in the sea, the valleys and across the plains of this gorgeous place that we can never return to again.

One trip is all we get.. Fill it with the positives and the beauty that is ours to borrow for a short time.

This weekend… Go outside. Relax. Play. Just enjoy your day. Connect to something more.

Smoky Mountain Sunrise


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