Wandering From Waterfall to Waterfall.. (Part 1…)

Ozone Falls… That’s the waterfall that started it all.. It was the first waterfall that I ever went to, just a few minutes from the town where I grew up. My Dad took me.. And I absolutely fell in love with it.. I returned time after time over the years, then when my Dad passed away – I avoided it for too long. Going back to it, when I did.. Was truly going home. Fast forward a couple of years to 2015 – I had found an insane amount of healing in the outdoors, after a very traumatic time in my life. More specifically – I found peace in my waterfalls.. Sooo… The chase began…  And has yet to end.. 

Below are some of my favorite waterfalls from over the past year and half..


Ozone Falls… The beginning. Above is Ozone in the summer and below is Ozone on the day after Christmas in 2015.



Virgin Falls, by far one of my favorites… She’s a beauty and beast in one! You can find her in Middle TN.


Big Laurel Falls is located in the same area as Virgin Falls.. It’s a beautiful a charming waterfall, with a large cave mouth behind it that you can explore. This waterfall and Virgin Falls also have backcountry campsites beside them…


Fall Creek Falls and Coon Creek Falls (to the right) .. This photo is also from the day after Christmas in 2015..


Piney Creek Falls, also located in the Fall Creek Falls State Park..


Laurel Falls in the Laurel-Snow Area in Dayton, TN… Just a portion of the bottom of the falls but one of my favorite waterfall photos!


Stinging Fork Falls in Spring City Tn.. Small yet beautiful and breathtaking.. A winter waterfall for sure!


Piney Falls in Grandview, TN


Bailey Falls, an off trail waterfall located in Greeneville, TN


A portion of Great Falls that’s located in Rock Island State Park – Tennessee


Indian Flats Falls – a beautiful tucked away Smoky Mountain waterfall, located on a side trail found on Middle Prong Trail


Another waterfall that can be found on the Middle Prong Trail in the Tremont section of the GSMNP.


Spruce Flats Falls is also a GSMNP waterfall and can be found in the Tremont area of the park.


A nice corner waterfall that can be found in the Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia on the Cabin Creek Trail..


A small side waterfall that can be found on the trail going to Ramsey Cascades..


Mouse Creek Falls – Located in the Big Creek section of the GSMNP.. If you visit this one, don’t forget to spot the Midnight Hole as well!


That’s 16 of the 70 or so falls that i’ve been to so far since 2015.. I’ll share more on a different day… If you want to details on how to visit any of the waterfalls that i’ve shared or if you have questions about any of the waterfalls in the east or middle TN areas.. I’ll be more than happy to help you out! Just remember…. Go outside and play! ❤



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