Flow and Grow..

My journey was planned before I ever knew of it… And if there is one single thing that I have┬álearned over the past few years – it is simply that if we let life flow… We will grow.

Flow.. Like the streams in the mountains. Flow fast at times and slow at other times. Flow to places unknown and over bumps and falls. Once we learn to flow with the current of life.. We begin to grow in a way that we never knew possible. Let your life reflect your dreams, never your fears. For everything that we want and more than we can ever imagine is on the other side of our fears.

So…. Here I go.. Again… Allowing myself to flow and grow.

I hope you’ll find your current as well..

Til next time.. Go outside and play.


Looking for a place to play?

Check out one of my adventure destination articles with Rock/Creek :









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